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Ensure that t_high*n_high <= 10^6.
Name Meaning Current
n_cap The original upper limit of n 1000000
n_high The maximum value of n
n_low The minimum value of n
t_cap The original upper limit of t 1000
t_high The maximum value of t
t_low The minimum value of t
Compressed Parameters

If the compressed parameters field is non empty, the table above would be ignored and these parameters would be used instead.

For example, if you want each input to have 95 testcases, and the array size to be anywhere between 7 to 23 and you want the array values to be a random number in [63, 97], the compressed parameters would be

--t_high 95 --t_high 95 --n_high 23 --n_low 7 --val_high 97 --val_low 63
Once you modify the table, you can copy the compressed parameters from the results page under the Generator Parameters section, paste it here and edit it. After that, if you click on Stress Test, your code will only be evaluated on the parameters from the input box.

Note: You don't need to type in all parameters. If you ignore some parameters, they'd be considered as the default value from the table. For example, if you just mention "--n_high 10", all other parameters would be taken from the table, and n_high would be overwritten with 10.

How to Customize?

All parameters are editable. The array size would be a random number in [n_low, n_high].
All other variables follow this rule.
Variables with a suffix of _cap are just for reminding the original constraints. They are not editable.

Important Note: Do read the Help section at the top to find extra constraints for this problem, such as t_high*n_high <= 2*10^5. Usually, that section would also contain tips on how big/small should you choose a specific parameter.

There are 2 ways to use it. If you want the stress testing to contain testcases with specific constraints, you can either edit the table or edit the Compressed Parameters section. If you edit both of them, the compressed parameters would take priority.

Note that if you pass incorrect parameters, you'll received Constraints Violated verdict.

If the compressed parameters field is empty, the parameters would be generated from the current table values.